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Gold City has always been my favorite southern gospel group.  My dad was a member of a local quartet when I was very young.  When I was about five years old, my two favorite songs for him to sing were "I Think I'll Read It Again" and "I've Got A Feeling".  Even before I knew who or what "Gold City" was, I loved their songs. 

When I began to seriously get into southern gospel music about thirteen years ago, I turned to the internet for information about the group.  At that time, the only website I could find was Wes Burke's Unofficial Gold City Fan Page, hosted on his University of Tennessee web space.  Wes' page was primarily a list of Gold City's major label recordings, which I used to begin my search for Gold City's older recordings.

As the internet's popularity took off, Gold City, as most professional music artists, created a website.  While Gold City's page is informative, it is primarily a way for fans to stay up to date with the current group and to purchase merchandise.  Like most other artists' pages, it lacks a lot historical information.  My hope is for this website to fill that void.

Again, please send any contributions (photos, stories, memories, etc.), suggestions, corrections, or comments to Brandon Coomer at or click here.

Thanks to:

  • Wes Burke, for his advice, suggestions, editing, friendship, and for fostering along a Gold City fan a long time ago
  • Adam Edwards, for taking my basic header image and turning it into what you see above
  • Thomas Wilson, for providing support and encouragement concerning this and other things in my life
  • David J. Stuart, for providing magazine cover scans (Coming Soon!)
  • Harold Coomer, my dad, for sharing with me his love for southern gospel music, and more importantly, our Savior




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